Easy DIY Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving is soon approaching, and now is a good time to incorporate lessons on gratitude.

Although being thankful is something we should practice all year long, encouraging our homeschoolers to exercise gratefulness is a wonderful way to build and teach godly character.

Thankful Tree

This simple activity displays helpful reminders of what we have to be thankful for.  The awesome part is that you can use arts and crafts items you may already have at home!

DIY Thankful Tree Image

For this project, you will need:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper (optional, I think it makes the ornaments more sturdy)
  • 8-10 Branches (we collected ours from our own backyard)
  • Vase or reusable large jar
  • Crayons (optional, for decoration)
  • Yarn, and/or ribbon
  • Markers
  • Hole Punch

The DIY Thankful Tree is great for preschool and elementary aged children.  The circles and writing space were created large enough to accommodate little hands and young writers.

You can also use your tree as a centerpiece during Thanksgiving.  Invite friends and family to participate in the fun!  Click on image to download.

I Am ThankFul DIY Tree


My homeschoolers enjoyed this craft project, I hope yours will too!

Homeschool Thankful Tree

Have a happy Thanksgiving and homeschool break!

How To Thrive On One Income 

In today’s society, it seems impossible to live off of one income.  But I am here to tell it is possible.   My family has been living off of my husband’s income for over 10 years and I know many other families who choose to live this way income as well!

I know this may seem scary, it was for me.  I was unfamiliar with this new way of thinking and living. 

 But, now I know.. its worth it!
It takes humility, giving up a few creature comforts and a whole lot of resourcefulness.


Thriving On One Income

Choosing to live on a single income is more than missing out on material wants, it’s choosing to make sacrifices where they are needed to live a life for the betterment of our families.

My husband and I desire for me to be home full-time to educate and train up our children, manage our home and assist my husband with our family business.

If you desire to come home full-time but are concerned about money, this post is for you.

Over the years, many women have shared with me a desire to come home, but believe that they can’t because of lifestyle and financial reasons, or personal reasons like losing their identity, we will talk more about the latter in a future post.

I find that the primary factor is financial stability, and I can understand that.

The journey of coming home full-time ultimately begins with trusting God as your Provider.  I have seen God bless our family and meet our needs in extraordinary ways, which gives me the confidence to tell you that if I can be home, you can too!

It begins with you, you have to make the decision to surrender to the Lord and let Him lead you and supply all of your needs.

Once you have embraced God’s will, there are practical ways you can help your husband by stretching the family finances. 🙂


Creating a budget is an important tool to help you spend your money wisely.   A budget allows you to see the real numbers and encourages you to make careful decisions as you allocate each dollar towards your necessities (and wants).  Also, it helps us to live within our means rather than overspending.

Without a budget, we can easily lose money and waste it.   I am not perfect at this, but having a clue of where our money goes has been a great help to my family.

Meal plan and cook at home

I’ve talked about this subject a lot, you can read about it here and here.   Planning my meals and eating at home often has saved my family money over the years!  Because I have kept a budget I know that my grocery budget is the most flexible. When necessary I have had to lessen my food costs, or as my family grows I have had to increase it.

Meal planning has also allowed us to cut down on spending extra money on dining out, instead, we’ve designated how many times a week we eat dinner out, there is a budget for that too!


Developing a regular habit of getting rid of items you no longer need saves time and money.  Ever bought an item you thought you needed and later found it in a closet or pantry? Guilty! This is a good reason to cut down on the stuff and keep an inventory of what you already have.


Being satisfied with what we have instead of focusing on our wants or what someone else has, keeps our finances under control.

It also teaches us the art of delayed gratification and gives us the opportunity to get creative.

Buying the latest shiny new toy adds unnecessary stress to our family.  We must learn how to count the cost, research and consider the needfulness of the item.


Taking time to learn how to save money for your family makes you an invaluable asset to your husband.

You can do this by not shopping impulsively.  Learning how to use coupons, shopping the sales and/or buying at the best value can be very helpful to your family’s finances.

Also, learn to do some things at home that you would normally pay someone else to do like your hair, nails, laundry, mending clothes etc. There are plenty of tutorials on online to help you in these areas.

This requires patience, critical thinking, calculating, organizing and planning.   These are wonderful skill sets that should be developed and practiced.

Thrive on one income

Your diligence and thoughtful planning of your husband’s income is an invaluable service to your family.

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.- Proverbs 31:27

What ways do you take care of your household finances to live on one income?